Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2021-07-05

REvil ransomware asks $70 million to decrypt all Kaseya attack victims

www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/revil-ransomware-asks-70-million-to-decrypt-all-kaseya-attack-victims/ REvil ransomware has set a price for decrypting all systems locked during the Kaseya supply-chain attack. The gang wants $70 million in Bitcoin for the tool that allows all affected businesses to recover their files. Lisäksi:

nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2021/07/05/kaseya-ransomware-attackers-say-pay-70-million-and-well-set-everyone-free/. Lisäksi:

thehackernews.com/2021/07/revil-used-0-day-in-kaseya-ransomware.html. Lisäksi:


ISA, FBI share guidance for victims of Kaseya ransomware attack

www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/cisa-fbi-share-guidance-for-victims-of-kaseya-ransomware-attack/ CISA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have shared guidance for managed service providers (MSPs) and their customers impacted by the REvil supply-chain ransomware attack that hit the systems of Kaseya’s cloud-based MSP platform.

Biden announces investigation into international ransomware attack

www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/jul/03/kaseya-ransomware-attack-us-sweden Joe Biden said on Saturday he had directed US intelligence agencies to investigate a sophisticated ransomware attack that hit hundreds of American businesses as the Fourth of July holiday weekend began and aroused suspicions of Russian gang involvement

Swedish watchdog to investigate Klarna for bank secrecy breach

www.reuters.com/technology/swedish-watchdog-investigate-klarna-bank-secrecy-breach-2021-07-05/ STOCKHOLM, July 5 (Reuters) – Sweden’s financial watchdog said on Monday it was investigating payments firm Klarna over a potential breach of banking secrecy laws in connection with an IT incident at the firm in May.

Ransomware attacks driving cyber reinsurance rates up 40%

www.zdnet.com/article/ransomware-attacks-driving-cyber-reinsurance-rates-up-40/ London-based reinsurance broker Willis Re told Reuters on Thursday that cyber reinsurance rates are skyrocketing due to a spate of devastating ransomware attacks on major companies in recent months.

Hacker defaces Apex Legends game to complain about Titanfall cheaters

therecord.media/hacker-defaces-apex-legends-game-to-complain-about-titanfall-cheaters/ A hacker is currently defacing the in-game interface of Apex Legends, a popular battle royale shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment, with messages in support of Titanfall, another game developed by the same company in previous years.

Getting Started with Security Testing: A Practical Guide for Startups

thehackernews.com/2021/07/getting-started-with-security-testing.html A common misconception among startup founders is that cybercriminals won’t waste time on them, because they’re not big or well known enough yet.

Didi barred from China appstores amidst government cybersecurity review

www.zdnet.com/article/didi-barred-from-china-appstores-amidst-government-cybersecurity-review/ Didi Global has been removed from appstores in China following an order from the government to do so. The move comes just days after the popular Chinese ride-sharing app made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange.

QNAP fixes critical bug in NAS backup, disaster recovery app

www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/qnap-fixes-critical-bug-in-nas-backup-disaster-recovery-app/ Taiwan-based network-attached storage (NAS) maker QNAP has addressed a critical security vulnerability enabling attackers to compromise vulnerable NAS devices’ security.

Microsoft Urges Azure Users to Update PowerShell to Patch RCE Flaw

thehackernews.com/2021/07/microsoft-urges-azure-users-to-update.html Microsoft is urging Azure users to update the PowerShell command-line tool as soon as possible to protect against a critical remote code execution vulnerability impacting.NET Core.

White House to formally attribute Hafnium Exchange attacks in the coming weeks’

therecord.media/white-house-to-formally-attribute-hafnium-exchange-attacks-in-the-coming-weeks/ The White House is preparing to formally attribute the Hafnium attacks on Microsoft Exchange servers in the coming weeks; a top US official said last week.

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