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[ZDNet] SEC issues warning to crypto lenders as BlockFi hit with $100m in fines

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BlockFi found to have operated for 18 months as an unregistered investment company, and given 60 days to remedy. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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[SecurityWeek] Critical Vulnerability Found in Sunhillo Aerial Surveillance Product

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An unauthenticated OS command injection vulnerability in the Sunhillo SureLine application could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges, according to security researchers with the NCC Group. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[HackerNews] This New Android Malware Can Gain Root Access to Your Smartphones

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An unidentified threat actor has been linked to a new Android malware strain that features the ability to root smartphones and take complete control over infected smartphones while simultaneously taking steps to evade detection. The malware has been named “AbstractEmu” owing to its use of code abstraction and anti-emulation checks to avoid running while under […]

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