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[TheRecord] FBI: An APT abused a zero-day in FatPipe VPNs for six months

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation said it discovered an advanced persistent threat (APT) abusing a zero-day vulnerability in FatPipe networking devices as a way to breach companies and gain access to their internal networks. “As of November 2021, FBI forensic analysis indicated exploitation of a 0-day vulnerability in the FatPipe MPVPN device software going back […]

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[SecurityWeek] Twitter Hacker Charged Over Theft of $784,000 in Cryptocurrency

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A British national has been charged in the United States over his role in a scheme that involved the use of SIM swapping to steal roughly $784,000 worth of cryptocurrency. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[SANS ISC] Warranty Repairs and Non-Removable Storage Risks, (Fri, Oct 15th)

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I have been asked several times in recent months about addressing risks of warranty repair service of laptops/tablets.  With each of these situations, the question boiled down to the same underlying issue: non-removable storage.  “It depends” has been my standard response, as there are many key factors to accurately framing the response.  Organizational policies which […]

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