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[HackerNews] Malicious Ads Target Cryptocurrency Users With Cinobi Banking Trojan

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A new social engineering-based malvertising campaign targeting Japan has been found to deliver a malicious application that deploys a banking trojan on compromised Windows machines to steal credentials associated with cryptocurrency accounts. The application masquerades as an animated porn game, a reward points application, or a video streaming application, Trend Micro researchers Jaromir Source: Read […]

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[SANS ISC] When Lightning Strikes. What works and doesn’t work., (Thu, Aug 19th)

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Living in Florida, afternoon thunderstorms are a regular occurrence with Florida having the highest lightning density of any state in the US [1]. In my time in Florida, I had close or direct strikes damage equipment twice. The most recent incident was about a month ago. So I am sharing here some of the things […]

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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-10-22

Googlen ja Amazonin älykaiuttimia voi käyttää vakoiluun ja tietojen urkintaan haittasovelluksien kautta. Tutkijat esittelevät julkaisemallaan videolla yhtä mahdollista urkintakeinoa. Horoskooppisovellukseksi naamioitu haittasovellus ilmoittaa ensin, ettei horoskoopin luku onnistu ja hiljenee. Sammumisen sijaan sovellus pysyy kuitenkin käynnissä. 3 Key Questions to Help Address Enterprise IoT Security Risks Armis estimated that by 2021, up to […]

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