[ZDNet] Criminals love cryptocurrencies. Should you?

Crypto currencies have been all the rage for more than a decade. Great fortunes have been made and hundreds of millions if not billions has been paid to criminals thanks to their anonymity. It’s time to rein in this global criminal enabler, the worst storage innovation in my lifetime.

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[ThreatPost] Bad Apple: App Store Rife with Fraud, Fleeceware

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Malicious apps make up 2 percent of top grossing apps in Apple App Store. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[ThreatPost] Apple Issues Emergency Fix for NSO Zero-Click Zero Day

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Citizen Lab urges Apple users to update immediately. The new zero-click zero-day ForcedEntry flaw affects all things Apple: iPhones, iPads, Macs and Watches. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2020-01-06

The Hidden Cost of Ransomware: Wholesale Password Theft krebsonsecurity.com/2020/01/the-hidden-cost-of-ransomware-wholesale-password-theft/ Moral of the story: Companies that experience a ransomware attack or for that matter any type of equally invasive malware infestation should assume that all credentials stored anywhere on the local network (including those saved inside Web browsers and password managers) are compromised and need to […]

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