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[ZDNet] This ransomware-spreading malware botnet just won’t go away

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This longstanding botnet persists – and thrives – and is shifting to target victims across the globe. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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[SecurityWeek] Adobe Patches 21 Vulnerabilities Across Seven Products

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Security updates released by Adobe on Tuesday for seven of its products patch a total of 21 vulnerabilities, including 15 flaws that have been assigned a critical severity rating. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[SANS ISC] Hancitor tries XLL as initial malware file, (Fri, Jul 9th)

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Introduction On Thursday 2021-07-08, for a short while when Hancitor was initially active, if any victims clicked on a malicious link from the malspam, they would receive a XLL file instead of a malicious Word doc.  I tried one of the email links in my lab and received the malicious XLL file.  After other researchers […]

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