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[SecurityWeek] Threat Actor Abuses Microsoft’s WHCP to Sign Malicious Drivers

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Microsoft is investigating an incident where a threat actor submitted malicious drivers for certification through the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program. Built by a third-party, the drivers were designed to target gaming environments and could allow the attacker to spoof their location and play from anywhere. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[HackerNews] ALERT: Critical RCE Bug in VMware vCenter Server Under Active Attack

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Malicious actors are actively mass scanning the internet for vulnerable VMware vCenter servers that are unpatched against a critical remote code execution flaw, which the company addressed late last month. The ongoing activity was detected by Bad Packets on June 3 and corroborated yesterday by security researcher Kevin Beaumont. “Mass scanning activity detected from checking for […]

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[TheRecord] Google to auto-enroll 150 million accounts into its 2SV feature

Google has announced plans today to auto-enroll 150 million user accounts into its two-step verification (2SV) system by the end of the year. These are accounts where Google’s 2SV login feature can be enabled but where users have not done so on their own. “Right now we are auto-enrolling Google accounts that have the proper […]

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