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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2020-02-24

Operation DRBControl Uncovering a Cyberespionage Campaign Targeting Gambling Companies in Southeast Asia. The DRBControl campaign attacks its targets using a variety of malware and techniques that coincide with those used in other known cyberespionage campaigns. EU Commission to staff: Switch to Signal messaging app The European Commission has told its staff to start […]

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[HackerNews] Unpatched Virtual Machine Takeover Bug Affects Google Compute Engine

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An unpatched security vulnerability affecting Google’s Compute Engine platform could be abused by an attacker to take over virtual machines over the network. “This is done by impersonating the metadata server from the targeted virtual machine’s point of view,” security researcher Imre Rad said in an analysis published Friday. “By mounting this exploit, the attacker can grant […]

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[SANS ISC] Infected With a .reg File, (Fri, Jul 30th)

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Yesterday, I reported a piece of malware that uses to fetch its next stage[1]. Today, I spotted another file that is also interesting: A Windows Registry file (with a “.reg” extension). Such files are text files created by exporting values from the Registry (export) but they can also be used to add or change values in the Registry […]

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