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[SecurityWeek] Verizon DBIR 2021: Ransomware, Web App and Phishing Attacks Dominate

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Data breaches from 2020 show that not much has changed over the last year: businesses continue to struggle with the basics of securing web apps, cloud deployments and educating employees read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[ThreatPost] Linux-Focused Cryptojacking Gang Tracked to Romania

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The gang is using a new brute-forcer – “Diicot brute” – to crack passwords on Linux-based machines with weak passwords. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[HackerNews] Android Apps with 5.8 million Installs Caught Stealing Users’ Facebook Passwords

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Google intervened to remove nine Android apps downloaded more than 5.8 million times from the company’s Play Store after the apps were caught furtively stealing users’ Facebook login credentials. “The applications were fully functional, which was supposed to weaken the vigilance of potential victims. With that, to access all of the apps’ functions and, allegedly, […]

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