[HackerNews] CISO Challenge: Check Your Cybersecurity Skills On This New Competition Site

InfoSec leaders tend to be a specific type. Their jobs require them to think of possible threats, take actions that may not pay immediate results, plan for unknown security risks, and react quickly when emergencies arise, often before the morning’s first coffee.
The high-stakes position also means that CISOs need to keep their knowledge and skills sharp – you can never really know what’s around

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[NCSC-FI News] Ukrainan somesotaa käyvät viraali presidentti, 31-vuotias ministeri ja tv-käsikirjoittajat asiantuntija: “Heille täytyy antaa tunnustusta taidoistaan”

Koko Ukrainan kansa on valjastanut sosiaalisen median aseekseen. Tämä ei ole sattumaa. Suomi voisi ottaa Ukrainasta oppia, sanoo asiantuntija. Source: Read More (NCSC-FI daily news followup)

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[TheRecord] Fighting Russia with computers, not rifles

Ukrainian cyber officials claim half a million people from around the world have volunteered to be part of a pick-up cyber force they call the Ukrainian IT Army. While much has been made of its volunteer efforts to hack Russia, little has been revealed about how it works, or whether it is actually effective.  In […]

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[SecurityWeek] Project Zero Flags High-Risk Zoom Security Flaw

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Video conferencing software giant Zoom has shipped patches for a pair of security defects that expose Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android users to malicious hacker attacks. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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