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[SANS ISC] Strange goings on with port 37, (Thu, Jun 3rd)

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Similar to Yee Ching’s diary on Thursday, I noticed an oddity in the Dshield data last weekend (which I had hoped to discuss in a diary on Wednesday, but life got in the way) and thought it was worth asking around to see if anyone knows what is going on. As soon as I saw it, […]

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[HackerNews] Colonial Pipeline Paid Nearly $5 Million in Ransom to Cybercriminals

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Colonial Pipeline on Thursday restored operations to its entire pipeline system nearly a week following a ransomware infection targeting its IT systems, forcing it to reportedly shell out nearly $5 million to restore control of its computer networks. “Following this restart, it will take several days for the product delivery supply chain to return to […]

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[SecurityWeek] PetitPotam Vulnerability Exploited in Ransomware Attacks

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The recently disclosed Windows Server vulnerability dubbed “PetitPotam” is being actively exploited in malicious attacks, including some aimed at deploying a piece of ransomware named LockFile. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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