Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2021-02-19

Apple Offers Its Closest Look Yet at iOS and MacOS Security

www.wired.com/story/apple-platform-security-guide-researchers/ In its latest Platform Security Guide, Cupertino raised the curtain on the critical features that protect against hackers. Lisäksi:

support.apple.com/guide/security/welcome/web. Lisäksi:


Mysterious Silver Sparrow Malware Found Nesting on 30K Macs

threatpost.com/silver-sparrow-malware-30k-macs/164121/ A second malware that targets Macs with Apple’s in-house M1 chip is infecting machines worldwide but it’s unclear why. Hard on the heels of a macOS adware being recompiled to target Apple’s new in-house processor, researchers have discovered a brand-new family of malware targeting the platform.

AppleJeus: Analysis of North Korea’s Cryptocurrency Malware

us-cert.cisa.gov/ncas/alerts/aa21-048a The U.S. Government has identified malware and indicators of compromise (IOCs) used by the North Korean government to facilitate cryptocurrency thefts; the cybersecurity community refers to this activity as “AppleJeus.”

Cybercriminal Enterprise Ringleaders’ Stole $55M Via COVID-19 Fraud, Romance Scams

threatpost.com/cybercriminal-enterprise-ringleaders-stole-55m-via-covid-19-fraud-romance-scams/164086 The Department of Justice (DoJ) cracked down on a Ghana-based cybercriminal enterprise behind a slew of romance scams, COVID-19 fraud attacks and business email compromise schemes since 2013. Authorities estimate the alleged group of criminals made over $55 million during its crime spree robbing mostly elderly online daters, small businesses and more.

Masslogger Trojan Upgraded to Steal All Your Outlook, Chrome Credentials

thehackernews.com/2021/02/masslogger-trojan-upgraded-to-steal-all.html A credential stealer infamous for targeting Windows systems has resurfaced in a new phishing campaign that aims to steal credentials from Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome, and instant messenger apps.

Malaysia arrests 11 suspects for hacking government sites

www.zdnet.com/article/malaysia-arrests-11-suspects-for-hacking-government-sites A similar government website defacement campaign is also taking place this week in Myanmar, in support of the country’s jailed elected leader.

Take security to the Zero Trust Edge

www.zdnet.com/article/take-security-to-the-zero-trust-edge/ The Zero Trust Edge (ZTE) model is a safer on-ramp to the internet for organizations’ physical locations and remote workers.

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The horrific Russian military invasion of Ukraine has understandably led to a backlash against Russia. The temptation is to label anything Russian, from state media and students to cats, as bad and block it to signal outrage and ostracization. This type of thinking has infected the open source and internet security communities as well The […]

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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-06-04

Headhunting Firm Leaks Millions of Resumes, Client Private Data www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/headhunting-firm-leaks-millions-of-resumes-client-private-data/ A misconfigured and publicly accessible ElasticSearch cluster owned by FMC Consulting, a Chinese headhunting company, leaked millions of resumes and company records, as well as customers and employees PII data.. The database containing hundreds of thousands of customer records, internal emails, as well as employees […]

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[NCSC-FI News] Experts warn of concerns around Microsoft RPC bug

Cybersecurity experts and researchers have raised alarms around a vulnerability disclosed by Microsoft Tuesday concerning Windows hosts running the Remote Procedure Call Runtime (RPC) CVE-2022-26809 has a CVSS score of 9.8 and has already been patched by Microsoft Windows hosts running the Server Message Block protocol (SMB protocol) are vulnerable to this bug. SMB protocols […]

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