NCSC-FI News followup

Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2020-08-17

Hackers Stole 1 Terabyte Of Data From Billion-Dollar U.S. Liquor Maker The REvil ransomware gang has struck again. This time the victim is Brown-Forman, the 150-year-old Kentucky-based company behind such brands as Jack Daniels, Finlandia vodka and Korbel champagne.. see also

Tea at the Ritz soured by credit card scammers Diners at the luxury Ritz hotel in London have been targeted by “extremely convincing” scammers who posed as hotel staff to steal payment card details.

Cyberattacks Hit Thousands of Canadian Tax, Benefit Accounts The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) suspended online services after accounts were hit in a third wave of credential stuffing attacks this weekend giving bad actors access to various government services.

Feds seize ‘largest ever’ haul of crypto-dosh from terrorists including coins from ‘fake’ pandemic mask web store In brief The US Department of Justice said a combined operation has led to its largest seizure of terrorist-owned cryptocurrency, taking around $2m (£1.5m) from Hamass military wing, al-Qaeda, and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

THL varoittaa huijaussoitoista: Varoitetaan koronasta, pyydetään maksukortin tietoja Koronahuijarit soittavat ja utelevat maksukortin tietoja, THL hälyttää.

Operation Dream Job Widespread North Korean Espionage Campaign During June-August of 2020, ClearSkys analysis team had investigated an offensive campaign attributed with high probability to North Korea, which we call Dream Job. This campaign has been active since the beginning of the year and it succeeded, in our assessment, to infect several dozens of companies and organizations in Israel and globally. full report

XCSSET Mac Malware: Infects Xcode Projects, Performs UXSS Attack on Safari, Other Browsers, Leverages Zero-day Exploits We have discovered an unusual infection related to Xcode developer projects. Upon further investigation, we discovered that a developers Xcode project at large contained the source malware, which leads to a rabbit hole of malicious payloads.

Huawei ban expanded to include foreign-made chips using US tech US government says its move to restrict the Chinese tech giant from accessing chips made by foreign manufacturers using US technology aims to “impede” Huawei’s attempts to circumvent earlier controls by going through third parties.

This surprise Linux malware warning shows that hackers are changing their targets The revelation from the FBI and National Security Agency that Russian military intelligence has built malware to target Linux systems is the latest dramatic twist in the unrelenting cybersecurity battle.

Microsoft Put Off Fixing Zero Day for 2 Years A security flaw in the way Microsoft Windows guards users against malicious files was actively exploited in malware attacks for two years before last week, when Microsoft finally issued a software update to correct the problem.

Crypto-mining worm steal AWS credentials TeamTNT has become the first crypto-minining botnet to include a feature that scans and steal AWS credentials.

Robocall Results from a Telephony Honeypot

Milloin kvanttitietokone pystyy murtamaan nykysalaukset? Tulevaisuuden kvanttitietokoneet mullistavat suurteholaskennan, mutta murtavat samalla internetin tärkeimmät salausmenetelmät. Uhkaan varaudutaan myös Suomessa.

Cloud Threat Hunting: Attack & Investigation Series Privilege Escalation via EC2

Ruotsin televisio ja radio kielsivät työntekijöiltään Tiktokin SVT:n mukaan Tiktok kerää enemmän tietoa kuin on tarpeellista kiinalaiselle omistajayhtiölleen Bytedancelle.

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