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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2020-07-25

Will Garmin Pay $10m Ransom To End Two-Day Outage? Garmin is reportedly being asked to pay a $10 million ransom to free its systems from a cyberattack that has taken down many of its services for two days. Lisäksi

Hackers actively exploit high-severity networking vulnerabilities Hackers are actively exploiting two unrelated high-severity vulnerabilities that allow unauthenticated access or even a complete takeover of networks run by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations.

Russia’s GRU Hackers Hit US Government and Energy Targets A previously unreported Fancy Bear campaign persisted for well over a yearand indicates that the notorious group has broadened its focus.

Yhdysvaltalaiset viranomaiset menivät voimakeinoin sisälle Kiinan Houstonin-konsulaattiin Yhdysvaltalaisten viranomaisten on nähty menevän sisään Kiinan konsulaattiin Houstonissa käyttäen rakennuksen takaovea, kertoo uutistoimisto Reuters

Microsoft seizes control of domains used in phishing attacks Compromised or malicious websites are a main channel for the propagation of malware infections for all kinds of devices. Simply avoiding dubious websites reduces your chances of being infected by malware, yet the real problem is often that we are unaware that we are running this risk

Ubiquiti, go write on the board 100 times, ‘I must validate input data before using it’… Update silently breaks IDS/IPS Unfortunately, from Friday to last night, a collection of rules ranging from worm and trojan detection to rogue external netblocks contained invalid data, which caused Ubiquiti’s device software to ignore those rules completely.

Leveraging Open Source Can be Powerful for Cybersecurity Security vendors and end users have access to the same technology and resources, if not more, than the threat actor community. However, the area where cybersecurity falls short as an industry is teamwork. Vendors and end users rarely talk to each other as a broader force.

Five regular checks for Android To make sure that you remain in control of your data wealth, some regular maintenance is required think of it like brushing your teeth, only it’s your phone you need to clean. In this post, we talk about five regular safety and security checks for Android smartphones.

Spotify Security Hole Lets Strangers Into Your Family Account Spotify customers are complaining that strangers are breaking into their Family accounts, years after the problem was first raised with the music-streaming service.

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