NCSC-FI News followup

Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2020-04-11

How Apple and Google Are Enabling Covid-19 Contact-Tracing The tech giants have teamed up to use a Bluetooth-based framework to keep track of the spread of infections without compromising location privacy.

The Challenge of Proximity Apps For COVID-19 Contact Tracing Around the world, a diverse and growing chorus is calling for the use of smartphone proximity technology to fight COVID-19. In particular, public health experts and others argue that smartphones could provide a solution to an urgent need for rapid, widespread contact tracingthat is, tracking who infected people come in contact with as they move through the world.

WooCommerce Falls to Fresh Card-Skimmer Malware The payment-card stealer differs from typical malware targeting WordPress-based e-commerce environments.

Kun sairaalaan tehtiin tietoturvahyökkäys, se oli viimeinen pisara Mikko Kenttälälle ja muille hakkereille, jotka haluavat käyttää taitojaan hyvään Mikko Kenttälä on kybervapaapalokunnan jäsen. Hän sammuttaa tietoturvan tulipaloja.

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