NCSC-FI News followup

Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2020-03-09

A vulnerability is Microsoft Exchange servers is being actively exploited by multiple APT groups, researchers warn. Multiple threat groups are actively exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange servers, researchers warn. If left unpatched, the flaw allows authenticated attackers to execute code remotely with system privileges.. see also

ENTSO-E: cyber intrusion on its office network European Network of Transmission System Operations for Electricity ENTSO-E has informed that some of their IT systems had been subjected to a security attack.. The attack was not directed against Fingrid or other transmission system operators, and it didn’t have any influence on Fingrids customers or other stakeholders.

Terve epäluulo suojaa parhaiten petosrikoksilta Rikolliset osaavat häikäilemättä käyttää hyväkseen ihmisten luontaista uskoa hyvään ja toivetta nopeaan vaurastumiseen. Petosrikollisuudelta parhaiten suojaakin usein terve epäluulo.

New Variant of TrickBot Being Spread by Word Document Recently, FortiGuard Labs captured an MS Office Word sample in the wild that is spreading a new variant of TrickBot. I did an analysis on this sample file, and in this post I will explain how it works on the victims machine.

AMD Downplays CPU Threat Opening Chips to Data Leak Attacks New side-channel attacks have been disclosed in AMD CPUs, however AMD said that they are not new.

Check Point chap: Small firms don’t invest in infosec then hope they won’t get hacked. Spoiler alert: They get hacked One vendor’s security controls aren’t enough, says Dan Wiley

Twitter First: Trump Video Retweet Tagged as ‘Manipulated Media’ For the first time, Twitter has labeled a video as ‘Manipulated Media’ that attempts to portray Joe Biden as stating that Donald Trump should be re-elected.

Top Tips for Secure Remote Working Practical tips to enable employees to work safely from home during the Coronavirus outbreak

International Womens Day: awareness of stalkerware, monitoring, and spyware apps on the rise

Crescendo: Real Time Event Viewer for macOS

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