NCSC-FI News followup

Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-12-25

Toistasataa kiinalaista pidätettiin Nepalissa epäiltynä kyberhuijauksesta Ratsiassa takavarikoitiin yli 700 puhelinta ja 400 tietokonetta.

Staying Cyber-Safe This Holiday Season Look-alike websites, fake shipping notifications, e-cards, emergency scams, phony charities, free gift cards etc. These are the most common forms of holiday scams.

Signs of Phishing: Protecting Yourself During the Holidays Some things to look for in trying to spot phishing emails.

Sextortionists return for Christmas – price goes down, threats go up Criminals try to avoid email filters by using inline images of their ransom demands. Delete the email and have a merry holiday instead!

How E-commerce Sites Can Counter ‘AuthBots’ Cybercriminals are siphoning the personal information of millions of shoppers. Dubbed AuthBots because of their persistent attempts at cracking authentication, this botnet group targets ecommerce firms with large-scale credential stuffing and cracking attacks to take over user accounts.

Maze Ransomware Releases Files Stolen from City of Pensacola The actors behind the Maze Ransomware have released 2GB of files that were allegedly stolen from the City of Pensacola during their ransomware attack.. Criminals demanded a $1 million ransom to decrypt their files.

Entercom Radio Network Hit By Second Cyber Attack This Year This is the second time the network has to recover from a cyber event, the first one hitting in September being a ransomware attack that caused significant financial losses.. Considering the short time required to resume activity to a relatively normal level, it may be that the security measures installed after the attack in September paid off.

Marketing Agency Temporarily Halts Operations after Ransomware Attack Sandra Franecke, CEO of the Heritage Company, sent a letter to employees that the company would temporarily be suspending its operations. She went on to ask the agencys more than 300 employees to call the company on January 2nd to see if any progress had been made in recovering systems.. See also: 22 ransomware prevention tips

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