NCSC-FI News followup

Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-10-12

These are the 29 countries vulnerable to Simjacker attacks Adaptive Mobile publishes the list of countries where mobile operators ship SIM cards vulnerable to Simjacker attacks.. Simjacker attacks spotted in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

Nemty 1.6 Ransomware Released and Pushed via RIG Exploit Kit The RIG exploit kit is now pushing a cocktail of malware that includes a new variant of the Nemty Ransomware. . According to security firm Tesorion, Nemty 1.6 also modified their encryption algorithm to use the Windows cryptographic libraries instead of their own custom AES implementation. . This was most likely done to break the decryptor created by Tesorion, which didn’t go as plan as Tesorion’s decryptor can still decrypt Nemty 1.6 victims for free.

Mikä moka: tiedustelupalvelu osti nollapäivähaavoittuvuuksia – omalla koneella ollut virusskanneri aiheutti melkoisen yllätyksen Uzbekistanin uusi tiedustelupalvelu SandCat oli työssään niin kujalla, että se paitsi vuosi oman hyökkäystyökalunsa tietoturvatutkijoille, myös paljasti vahingossa Saudi-Arabian käyttämiä iskumetodeja.. see also

Decades-Old Code Is Putting Millions of Critical Devices at Risk Nearly two decades ago, a company called Interpeak created a network protocol that became an industry standard. It also had severe bugs that are only now coming to light.

Attackers Create Elaborate Crypto Trading Scheme to Install Malware Security researcher MalwareHunterTeam discovered a scheme where an attacker has created a fake company that is offering a free cryptocurrency trading platform called JMT Trader. When this program is installed, it will also infect a victim with a backdoor Trojan.. Possible ties to the Lazarus APT group

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