NCSC-FI News followup

Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-10-06

HildaCrypt Ransomware Developer Releases Decryption Keys The developer behind the HildaCrypt Ransomware has decided to release the ransomware’s private decryption keys. With these keys a decryptor can be made that would allow any potential victims to recover their files for free.. BleepingComputer had a conversation with the ransomware developer last night and was told that HildaCrypt was only made for fun and “it was mainly an educational thing really”. They further told us “hildacrypt never was used on anyone” and that they released the keys in case “some kid gets a hold of these binaries I hope the keys would be of some use”.

DNS-over-HTTPS causes more problems than it solves, experts say Several experts, companies, and national entities have voiced very convincing concerns about DoH and its features.. The TL;DR is that most experts think DoH is not good, and people should be focusing their efforts on implementing better ways to encrypt DNS traffic — such as DNS-over-TLS — rather than DoH.

Värvätäänkö Facebookissa vakoojia? Erikoinen somekampanja herättää kysymyksiä joihin ei saada vastauksia Yhdysvaltain liittovaltion keskusrikospoliisi FBI mainostaa Facebookissa Washingtonin venäläisille. FBI yrittää ilmeisesti tuoreella mainoskampanjallaan värvätä venäläisiä agenteiksi tai heistä tietäviä kertomaan tietojaan, kertoo uutiskanava CNN.

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