NCSC-FI News followup

Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-09-29

German Cops Raid Cyberbunker 2.0, Arrest 7 in Child Porn, Dark Web Market Sting German authorities said Friday theyd arrested seven people and were investigating six more in connection with the raid of a Dark Web hosting operation that allegedly supported multiple child porn, cybercrime and drug markets with hundreds of servers buried inside a heavily fortified military bunker.

Hacker Steals Over 218 Million Zynga ‘Words with Friends’ Gamers Data A Pakistani hacker who previously made headlines earlier this year for selling almost a billion user records stolen from nearly 45 popular online services has now claimed to have hacked the popular mobile social game company Zynga Inc.

Cloudflare Now Blocks the vBulletin RCE CVE-2019-16759 Exploit This week a zero-day vBulletin remote code execution vulnerability and exploit was publicly disclosed and is being used by bad actors to attack vBulletin forums. Cloudflare has now created a special rule that will prevent this exploit from working on vBulletin sites behind Cloudflare’s service.

Unohdettu urkintalaki: Edes Nokia ei käyttänyt ajamaansa pykälää sen sijaan siihen turvautui pieni työttömien yhdistys Itä-Helsingistä Yle uutisoi aiemmin tänään, miten alkujaan Lex Nokiana tunnettu laki on jäänyt lähes kokonaan tarpeettomaksi. Vain kuusi työnantajaa on käyttänyt lain suomaa mahdollisuutta käsitellä henkilöstön sähköpostiliikenteen välitystietoja.

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