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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-09-20

The Air Force Will Let Hackers Try to Hijack an Orbiting Satellite When the Air Force showed up at the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas last month, it didnt come empty-handed. It brought along an F-15 fighter-jet data systemone that security researchers thoroughly dismantled, finding serious vulnerabilities along the way. The USAF was so pleased with the result that it has decided to up the ante. Next year, its bringing a satellite.

Varo! Huijausviestejä on liikkeellä paljon ja niitä on helppo uskoa Lue myös

FedEx execs: We had no idea cyberattack would be so bad. Investors: Is that why you sold $40m+ of your own shares? FedEx execs not only hid the impact of the NotPetya ransomware on their business but personally profited by selling off tens of millions of dollars of their own shares before the truth came out, a lawsuit filed by the delivery business own shareholders claims.

Tunnetut valkohattuhakkerit perustivat oman yrityksen: keskitymme pk-yrityksiin Alun perin Lähi Tapiolan Hack Day -tapahtumaa varten perustettu Team ROT -hakkeriryhmä on tähän asti keskittänyt toimintansa suurten yritysten järjestämiin bug bounty -ohjelmiin sekä vapaaehtoisprojekteihin.

Telia Cygate voitti jopa 27 miljoonan it-diilin poliisi ja suojelupoliisi hankkivat it-palveluita Julkisten hankintojen HILMA-tietokannasta selviää, että poliisi hankkii it-palveluita Telia Cygatelta jopa 27 miljoonalla eurolla. Sopimusten kokonaisarvoksi arvioidaan 5-27 miljoonaa euroa. CISA Releases Four New Insights Products. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released four new CISA Insights products informed by U.S. intelligence and real-world events. Each of the following products provides a description of the threat, lessons learned, recommendations, and additional relevant resources:. 1) Mitigate DNS Infrastructure Tampering, Remediate Vulnerabilities for Internet-Accessible Systems, 3) Secure High Value Assets, 4) Enhance Email and Web Security

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