NCSC-FI News followup

Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-09-14

Using Docker to Do Machine Learning at Scale One key building block we use for scaling our machine learning models at CrowdStrike® is Docker containers. Docker containers let us construct application environments with all the dependencies, tools and security our teams need in an easy to maintain pipeline. This ensures that everyone on the team is working on the exact same platform environment during development, data collection, feature extraction and training all the way to production. How

Sophos open-sources Sandboxie, an utility for sandboxing any application UK cyber-security firm announced this week plans to open-source the Sandboxie project, a Windows utility that lets users run any application inside a secure sandbox.

LNK: A perfect vector for living-off-the-land attacks When carrying out a living off the land style attack, an attacker needs a way to execute at least one command or script on the target machine to kick off a string of follow-on activities. The initial step could be achieved using numerous techniques such as using a macro enabled document, a SMB vulnerability exploit, an RDP connection with brute forced access, or they could just use an LNK file that tricks the user into opening it, which then leads to

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