NCSC-FI News followup

Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-09-11

Ryuk Related Malware Steals Confidential Military, Financial Files A new malware with strange associations to the Ryuk Ransomware has been discovered to look for and steal confidential financial, military, and law enforcement files.

Microsoft to Improve Office 365 Phishing Email Notifications Microsoft is currently working on enhancing the notification system for quarantined malware or phishing messages for admins in all Microsoft 365 environments, with the new feature to roll out to customers in early October.

Virtual Disk Attachments Can Bypass Gmail and Chrome Security Virtual disk files are locked containers that shield the items inside from online or local security defenses. The trick can help adversaries deliver malware invisibly to a target’s computer.. Vulnerability analyst Will Dormann last week published research on VHD and VHDX files being treated like a black box by Windows and the operating system.

Iranian hackers resume credential-stealing phishing attacks against universities around the world Over 60 universities in the US, the UK, Australia and more have been targeted by the Colbalt Dickens hacking group in attacks attempting to steal research and intellectual property.

198 Million Car-Buyer Records Exposed Online for All to See An Elastica DB belonging to Dealer Leads exposed a raft of information collected by research websites aimed at prospective car buyers.

Major Groupon, Ticketmaster Fraud Scheme Exposed By Insecure Database An exposed database containing 17 million email addresses exposed a massive fraud scheme impacting vendors like Groupon and Ticketmaster.. After discovering a cache of 17 million emails exposed on an unsecured database, researchers with vpnMentor began to hunt for its owner but to their surprise, they found that the database belonged not to a company, but to a sophisticated criminal network.

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