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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-09-02

Google White Hat Hackers Say Thousands of iPhones Have Been Hacked for Years Last week computer security specialists from Google announced that thousands of iPhones had been hacked using a vulnerability seen in almost every version from iOS 10 through to the latest version of iOS 12. Googles Project Zero team, a division of Google that tries to find and report security vulnerabilities across popular systems, confirmed in a blog post that they had found evidence of attempted mass iPhone hack that has likely affected thousands of people over the last couple years.

Gamification Can Transform Company Cybersecurity Culture Implementing game mechanics and competition into the mix can incentivize employees to improve their cybersecurity posture. Chief information security officers (CISOs) of Global 2000 enterprises have one of the toughest jobs in the world, defending their organizations cyberspace and being the guardian of its assets and private information. But CISOs also have a second, even bigger problem: Their own company employees.

BEC overtakes ransomware and data breaches in cyber-insurance claims BEC-relatedcyber-insurance claims accounted for nearly a quarter of all claims in the EMEA region, AIG said. Business email compromise (BEC) has overtaken ransomware and data breaches as the main reason companies filed a cyber-insurance claim in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Asia) region last year, said insurance giant AIG.

Venäjä varautuu internetistä eristäytymiseen hanke on aika kunnianhimoinen ja vaativa Työ- ja elinkeinoministeriön valmiuspäällikkö Kari Klemm näkee yritysten roolin kasvavan, kun moderni tietoyhteiskunta varautuu uhkiin. Valtion turvallisuusverkko Tuve toimii jatkossa samassa verkossa muiden asiakkaiden kanssa. Ict-järjestelmät ovat kalliita, jos niillä ei ole muita käyttäjiä ja maksajia. Huoltovarmuusmielessä monet asiat on haluttu kiinnittää elinkeinoelämän toimintoihin, jolloin ylläpito ja kehitys on luontevasti osa arjen pyöritystä, Kari Klemm sanoo.

Astaroth Trojan Uses Cloudflare Workers to Bypass AV Software A new malicious campaign is actively distributing a new Astaroth Trojan variant by abusing the Cloudflare Workers serverless computing platform to avoid detection and block automated analysis attempts. Cloudflare Workers are scripts that run on Cloudflare servers from “data centers across 193 cities in 90 countries” and allow one to execute any JavaScript code without having to worry about infrastructure maintenance.

Teletext Holidays a) exists and b) left 200k customer call recordings exposed in S3 bucket Teletext Holidays managed to leave more than 200,000 customer phone call recordings exposed on an unsecured AWS server, according to reports. A total of 532,000 files were exposed on AWS servers belonging to Truly Travel, the company that trades as Teletext Holidays, of which 212,000 were recordings of live news.

Student surprise: malware masked as textbooks and essays We have written on numerous occasions about how easy it is to inadvertently pick up some nasty stuff when you try to download popular TV shows or game cheats. However, cybercriminals do not just limit themselves to entertainment products. You can also stumble upon a virus when looking for work- or study-related materials. This is particularly important to keep in mind as the academic year starts. That is because the cost of textbooks and other materials for K-12 and college students often leads to many looking for more affordable and free alternatives online.

Sodinokibi Ransomware Spreads via Fake Forums on Hacked Sites A distributor for the Sodinokibi Ransomware is hacking into WordPress sites and injecting JavaScript that displays a fake Q & A forum post over the content of the original site. This fake post contains an “answer” from the site’s “admin” that contains a link to the ransomware installer.

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