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[TheRecord] CISA awards $2 million to expand cybersecurity training in underserved communities

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced Wednesday that it has awarded $2 million to two organizations, NPower and CyberWarrior Foundation, to develop and deliver cybersecurity workforce training programs aimed at underserved communities—including rural areas, minority populations, the under- or unemployed, and among veterans.  “Addressing the cyber workforce shortage requires us to proactively seek […]

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[TheRecord] New LockFile ransomware gang weaponizes ProxyShell and PetitPotam attacks

A new ransomware group has weaponized two recently disclosed vulnerabilities in order to improve their chances at breaching, taking over, and encrypting corporate networks. Named LockFile, this new ransomware gang has been seen exploiting a vulnerability known as ProxyShell to gain access to Microsoft Exchange email servers, from where it pivots to companies’ internal networks, according […]

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[TheRecord] Is Chinese President Xi seeking to reassure Big Tech after a year-long crackdown?

Chinese President Xi Jinping had party leaders focus on the digital economy during their monthly study session on Monday, telling them that China’s Big Tech companies will play a key role in the nation’s efforts to modernize and become self-sufficient.  “The healthy development of the digital economy is important for the construction of a modern […]

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